About us!

NGT first endeavoured on this adventure into the Virtual Trucking Community back in August 2020. This new era of VTC aimed at transforming the trucking community as you know it, was originally founded by Mr.Swift (England) and Finn Keegan (Ireland). Both Swift and Finn have known each other for an extremely long time and have always had the ambition to start up a Fun, Friendly but Professional community! Bringing all kinds of people into one community, distancing ourselves from the chaos in the outside world. And we believe we have succeeded. 

Here at NGT, We have established a Fun, Friendly but Professional trucking community putting you at the heart of everything. We are a no requirements VTC too aimed at allowing you to relax, spend time with the community, whilst pulling in the miles. We are constantly transforming our community with the aim of making NGT one of the most successful VTC’s in the TMP community. We pride ourselves on our: One of a kind truck and trailer design, Incredible newly crafted website, Friendly and caring discord server, Monthly driver events/competitions, specialist trucking divisions and so much more!

All of these ideas are solely focussed at keeping our community as active and productive as it possibly can be, without putting you under any pressure. Ultimately though, Here at NGT, You’re guaranteed to meet new people, have fun and be yourself. 

​We, unlike most other VTC’s, focus on the personal aspect of a community treating every single driver as one of the NGT family. All are welcome here at NGT and we are always looking for new additions to our ever changing trucking community. If you're interested, Head over to the ‘Careers’ tab for more information.


Monthly Driver Competitions!

Public Convoys with over 150 + attendees!

Weekly Driver Convoys!

Meet new incredible people everyday!

Monthly Truck Photo Competitions!

Friendly and Supportive Staff members!

Staff opportunities available!

A Fun, Friendly and Professional Community!


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