Apply Today!

We pride ourselves on our Fun, Friendly and Professional Trucking and amazing community vibe throughout the company. Every driver is part of our family, and we focus not on the numbers, but the people!

We offer you the chance to not only join NGT as a driver, But join specialist Divisions, an ATS Sector, and much more! All designed in order maximize the potential for all our drivers.

To join this, Please follow the outlined below:



Please fill out our Driver application form to become a driver for us! 


Shortly after completing your form, You will be contacted within 24 hours after regarding the verdict of whether you have been successful in the application process or not. If you do not receive a response after the 24 hours, Please contact a member of staff via discord


  • Step 2: The TEST DRIVE


You will then be asked to partake in a test drive which will be organized via DM's by one of our Driving Examiners. The drive is just a way for us to gage your level on the roads, and determine whether your right for us! Our discord can be found at the end of the page for more information. 



If you are successful with your test drive, You then need to head over to our TMP page and sign up. After this, You will then be given the @OfficialNGTDrivers role in our server. 


After you have applied on our TMP page, Head over to our Official Drivers guide which has an outline as to what else is required of you as an NGT Driver like applying the paint job and name tag, as well as the rules/requirements, and setting up Trucksbook. 

  • Finishing up here...


Thank you for applying to become an official NGT Driver, and we hope that your time here at NGT is exactly what we promised! 


If you need any support with the whole application process, Please visit our discord server and ask for help.

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